Rental Prices

 Stand Up Paddleboard:   $25/hour    $10/extra hours

Kayak:  $25/hour  $10/extra hours

Tandem Kayak: $35/hour    $15/extra hours


 Hours of Operation  

Closed for the 2021 Season

See you next year in May for rentals.


Rentals are available anytime we are open, no reservation needed!
 Text if you want to check in 541-806-4190


Come see us for Kayak & Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals in Hood River, Oregon! We are located directly on the waterfront with a dock, which makes launching kayaks and paddleboards easy for all ages and ability levels. Our location features the best protection from the wind and current of the Columbia River. Soak up the sun with a relaxing paddle within our protected inlet, or (when the wind conditions are in your favor) journey out to the main waters of the Columbia River and paddle to the locally acclaimed Wells Island.


We have the largest fleet of rental equipment in Hood River with 100+ kayaks and paddleboards.


At the Gorge Paddling Center we pride ourselves on our rental fleet of kayaks and stand up paddleboards. Every year we bring in new equipment to stay up with the latest and greatest products for you. Not only is our gear new but it is also of exceptional quality. Our Stand Up Paddleboards are solid construction and high quality (no inflatables or soft foam inexpensive boards in our fleet).

Kayak Rentals - We have a fleet of flatwater kayaks for rent which consist of sit on top kayaks and sit inside kayaks. We recommend sit on top kayaks for those with less experience. When kayaking on the Columbia River the wind and weather can change dramatically. It is safest to be in the sit on top kayak because if it was to flip you are easily able to upright the kayak and climb aboard to continue your journey. When using a sit inside kayak if you were to flip, the kayak must then be swam or towed to shore and water emptied out. With 10+ years of kayak rental experience we have perfected the style and models of kayak in our fleet to best fit our customers.

Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals - We have the most wind protected launch spot in Hood River for Stand Up Paddleboard Rentals. Our fleet is perfect for beginner and intermediate paddleboarders. We work closely with 2nd Wind Sports retail store to stay up to date with the latest and greatest boards and technology. SUP has developed rapidly and we have enjoyed growing with the sport. We have 30 paddleboards in our fleet so bring all your friends along and enjoy a great activity in Hood River.